My name is Nicholas. I am a mid-twenty-something year-old man living in Eugene. I have been incessantly drawn to the Culinary Arts, even from a young age. I was the happiest eight-year-old boy to have ever received an Easy Bake Oven in my neighborhood. In the tenth-grade I did my professional development project on what it would take to be a head chef in a restaurant and went and observed in local kitchens for a day. It was wonderful. My passion however did not just have an external influence, but rather a close to home pull as well. My mother and grandmother were always cooking when I was a child, whether it be at holidays or every dinner into my mid-to-late teens, there was always a meal being cooked in our home. My father was no stranger to a weekend morning breakfast either, I’ve even taken his “world famous French toast” and added my own twists.

I have traveled and lived in different countries in Europe and my cooking often has heavy French influences, while certain dishes carry with them a sense of a deep Mediterranean and Spanish vibes.

My family always has food at the heart of it, and food has always been an identifier/conveyer of events, love, and caring for one another. Even now, I see it in my parents who are at the ripe age of retirement. I see it when my mother whips up something quick for my father even if she’s not hungry, or when my father makes himself a little breakfast or runs to the store and gets the family some doughnuts and a mocha for my mother. Though it may not be “cooking”, food has always held an upper level meaning in my family, as it does for many cultures and other families.

My love of cooking has stemmed from this, from being able to provide for those I love in a way that not only nourishes their body but also their soul, and in exchange my soul as well. This is why I cook, and this is why I have decided to make this blog. Bon Appétit!

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